My Life

My mother screams
My brother cries
He runs away and hides
I go and dream
Of a better place
With no more tears
Of the boy who’s only 5 years
I can’t stand to his face
With those tears
And all his fears
Will disappear
The day she hears
Why her son cries when she screams at him all because he doesn’t understand what she means when she says daddy isn’t coming home tonight
Then he says goodnight
The only light I see
Is when I go in at midnight to set him free
But I pause and scream
In silence because I know I can never free him from hell
Because his mother and father are the demons. And I sit and cry and try to lie.
I hide as his father stumbles in the door at two sometimes three
They don’t understand that they have him locked away under lock and key.
All I want is for him to see a better tomorrow where I can set him free.